Russian Hockey Player Gets Sliced In The Neck, Loses One Pint Of Blood,…

Damn, hockey players are an insanely tough group of people. Denis Sokolov, a longtime blueliner in the KHL, got sliced in the neck by accident on Monday, thanks to the wayward skate blade of an opposing player. It nicked his carotid artery and he preceded to gush blood all over the ice. However, he immediately got… » 9/12/12 10:20pm 9/12/12 10:20pm

Russian Hockey League Is Gonna Need A Bigger Penalty Box

A KHL game was canceled after 3:49 of the first period when a brawl resulted in 691 penalty minutes and not enough players left to finish the game. Also: a Jaromir Jagr sighting! [RussianHockeyFans/Fanhouse] » 1/11/10 10:30am 1/11/10 10:30am