16 Great Ryan Adams Covers

The recent news that Ryan Adams is covering the entirety of Taylor Swift’s 1989 inspired me to make a giant list of other albums he should probably cover. But he’s already way ahead of me. His version of Oasis’s “Wonderwall” is legendary; recently, he finally came full circle and did Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69,” »8/18/15 4:19pm8/18/15 4:19pm


A List of Albums Ryan Adams Should Probably Cover

Ryan Adams is covering Taylor Swift’s 1989. The whole thing. I love that he’s doing this. I also love that he’s a huge, loveable weirdo who likes a wide variety of music across different genres, and makes a wide variety of music across different genres. Remember when in he put out something like 11 albums —some rap,… »8/06/15 5:58pm8/06/15 5:58pm