Willis McGahee Wouldn't Describe The Aftermath Of This Massive Hit That Got Him Carted Off The Field As An "Injury"

Above is the infamous Ryan Clark hit on Willis McGahee, four years ago yesterday, that put McGahee on a stretcher to close out the 2009 AFC Championship game. Though the next day the Associated Press considered it newsworthy that Willis McGahee would, in fact, recover from the collision, McGahee told Esquire this… »1/20/13 9:45am1/20/13 9:45am


Steelers Safety Ryan Clark Made A Good Point About Hypocritical Steelers Fans

If there's one thing we learned while sifting through the assorted vitriolic, typo-ridden responses to the Why Your Team Sucks series, it's that many fans have no perspective when it comes to their favorite teams and players. Morals go out the window ("He basically paid his debt to society!"), logical fallacies become… »1/05/13 12:10pm1/05/13 12:10pm

Steelers Safety Ryan Clark Won't Play In Denver On Sunday Because It Might Kill Him

Ryan Clark, Pittsburgh's veteran starting safety without all the long hair, has the sickle-cell trait. It's a condition that impacts his blood when he exerts himself in the high altitude. Clark lost 30 pounds and nearly died when the Steelers played at Denver in 2007, after which doctors had to remove his spleen and… »1/03/12 4:20pm1/03/12 4:20pm

Steeler And Raven Unite In Hating On Roger Goodell, Owing Him Money

Steelers and Ravens have few things in common other than a strong desire to hit each other very hard, and not have to pay out of pocket to do so. These can be conflicting desires in a league that glorifies AFC North smashmouth football, yet doles out fines to show they're concerned about player safety. So Ray Lewis is… »11/09/11 3:10pm11/09/11 3:10pm