The Meaning Of Ryan Freel's "9 Or 10" Concussions

Ryan Freel was "tough." In baseball parlance, that means hustling on every pitch, giving up your body to make the play. These types of players are celebrated, of course. In August 2006, the Cincinnati Enquirer paid tribute to just the latest example of Freel's toughness, a diving catch on the warning track of a long… » 12/24/12 2:45pm 12/24/12 2:45pm

Deadspin SHOTY Tournament: Chris Berman Vs. Farney

All right, after some wild voting irregularities yesterday — remember: The Deadspin way is not to raise too much issue with people cheering on their favorites in a poll on a silly blog — we have what we'd think would be a blowout today. But you never know: Someday a No. 16 WILL beat a No. 1. Probably not today, though. » 11/21/06 2:00pm 11/21/06 2:00pm