Meet An Elite: Ryan Hall

Now that it's cool to care about the Boston Marathon again, Fittish would like to familiarize you with the runners at the front of the pack. This afternoon's elite: Ryan Hall. » 4/16/14 1:52pm 4/16/14 1:52pm

Ryan Hall Pulled Up Lame In The Men's Marathon

"Sure, God made the universe," Jake Mooney noted in this space back before the Olympics started, "but can he coach an American marathoner to Olympic gold?" » 8/12/12 11:45am 8/12/12 11:45am

Sure, God Made The Universe. But Can He Coach An American Marathoner To…

March 29 was a busy day for Ryan Hall, the fastest American marathoner ever. He was 137 days and roughly 2,100 miles of road training away from representing the country in the London Olympics. He had to be up early for drug testing. » 7/18/12 3:00pm 7/18/12 3:00pm