Here Is The Full Documentary That Accuses Peyton Manning And Others Of Doping [UPDATE]

Al-Jazeera America dropped the full The Dark Side: Secrets of the Sports Dopers documentary on YouTube before its scheduled airing this evening, finally allowing us a look at the allegations HGH was shipped to Peyton Manning’s house along with numerous other claims connecting professional athletes with illicit drug…

"It's Doug, Not Dude": Philly Scribe Kicked Out Of Minor League Complex Twice For Trying To Watch Ryan Howard Rehab

Bob Brookover, a writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer had a tough time this week trying to watch Ryan Howard take batting practice and field ground balls. He was kicked out of the stadium twice while trying to catch a glimpse of Howard. The mantra: "What are you doing here? Spring training is over."


Ryan Howard's RBI Total Does Not Make Him The Greatest Baseball Player In The Universe, Bill Conlin

Bill Conlin wrote something dumb today. In other news, the sun rose in the east. But we're not going to go after Bill Conlin, because it's been done. Instead we're going to try and put in the simplest terms possible why he and anyone else rejecting advanced statistics out of hand are being willfully ignorant.