Fox Sports Announcer Thinks He Is Interviewing Canucks' Ryan "The Guzzler" Kesler But Is Really Interviewing Kevin Bieksa

Noted troublemaker Kevin Bieksa of the Vancouver Canucks did a number on poor Mike Dunsmore of Fox Sports Radio following Game 4. Dunsmore apparently approached Bieksa thinking it was Kesler and Bieksa just played along. Right from jump street Bieksa references Kesler's controversial quotes about Canada during the… »4/21/12 5:35pm4/21/12 5:35pm

Ryan Kesler Makes A Habit Of The Interview Bomb In Various States Of Undress

Last week we posted a video of Kesler's first interview bomb, when he wandered behind Raffi Torres shirtless and eating a slice of pizza. Turns out he's been doing it a lot lately, with various props. Kesler told the Vancouver Sun that it started as "a joke with my buddies back home" that he calls "Where's Kes?"… »3/14/11 8:30pm3/14/11 8:30pm

Shirtless Ryan Kesler Creeps, Eats Pizza Behind Teammate's Locker Room Interview

At first glance this is a routine, fairly boring post-game interview with Canucks forward Raffi Torres. Routine and boring, that is, until his teammate, Ryan Kesler, creeps into the frame and lurks behind the shot — half-naked and eating a slice of pizza. He offers the crust to Torres — that's right, a topless pizza… »3/08/11 3:30pm3/08/11 3:30pm