Why Don't We Let Injured Athletes Use PEDs?

Reliever Ryan Madson missed all of 2012 after Tommy John surgery, but signed with the Angels expecting to be healthy to begin the season. It hasn't happened, and he doesn't seem much closer. So he wonders, "If HGH were legal..." » 6/13/13 12:54pm 6/13/13 12:54pm

Wife Of Phillies Reliever Forgets Comments Like These Will Not Go Over…

Philadelphia fans are (sometimes) a little overzealous and rude. We all know this. They've thrown up on Santa Claus while he was trying to help Michael Irvin off the field after he was temporarily paralyzed by a tossed Duracell. But it should be known by now, especially by the players who still play there and their… » 4/13/11 6:45pm 4/13/11 6:45pm