Sabres Trade Ryan Miller, Forced To Dress Former Video Guy As Backup

The Buffalo Sabres traded Ryan Miller (as well as captain Steve Ott) to the St. Louis Blues last night and the move left them a little light in the backup goaltending department. Meet Ryan Vinz: former Sabres video scout, current director of hockey technology at a company in Buffalo, and never, at any competitive… » 3/01/14 10:51am 3/01/14 10:51am

NHL Referee Needs Mouth Washed Out With Pucks

The Buffalo Sabres beat Pittsburgh on Monday, but with no thanks to the boys in zebra stripes. The Sabres were on the short end of three different 5-on-3 situations and even got a bench minor for "abuse of officials." Although to hear Sabres goalie Ryan Miller tell it, the officials are the ones who were dishing out… » 12/10/08 11:30am 12/10/08 11:30am