Ryan Tannehill's Wife Left This Big-Ass Gun In A Rental Car

A few days ago, a Reddit user posted the above picture of a rifle, claiming his friend had found it in the back seat of a rental car near the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., airport. Who could possibly have forgotten such a large and terrifying weapon in a rental car? Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill's wife, it turns… » 1/15/14 6:21pm 1/15/14 6:21pm

Which Rookie Quarterback Had The Most Poise After His Second Start?

Last week, Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts showed the most poise out of all the rookie quarterbacks who played in Week 1, according to people who wrote about him. Did Luck maintain his grip on the poise title in Week 2? Or did any of the other four rookie quarterbacks—Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, Ryan… » 9/18/12 12:40pm 9/18/12 12:40pm

Which Rookie Quarterback Had The Most Poise After His First Start?

Mark Sanchez was the king of "poise" during his rookie season in 2009. That year, you'd have been hard-pressed to find any writers using any other word to describe him (seriously, you would). Now, after just one game this season, five first-year quarterbacks—Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Brandon Weeden, Ryan… » 9/12/12 3:45pm 9/12/12 3:45pm

Last Night On Hard Knocks, We Learned What NFL GMs Use As Their Version…

HBO's Hard Knocks has to maintain a balance between access and secrecy. The fans get to spend a few hours with the players and coaches in unusual settings; the coaches go along with the cameras but still get to obscure their plays and play calls from the public. Everybody wins all the time. Well, almost all the time. » 8/08/12 12:50pm 8/08/12 12:50pm

Lauren Tannehill Is Doing Maxim

Two weeks ago, photographer Roger Snider did a pair of shoots with Lauren Tannehill, the wife of Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill. He doesn't say for whom, but according to LobShots, it's for Maxim. Of course, Miami is the team on this year's Hard Knocks. It's possible HBO will have its biggest crossover star since Peter… » 6/01/12 1:55pm 6/01/12 1:55pm

The Jaguars Desperately Want You To Believe Everybody Loves Ryan…

This is how your NFL draft sausage is made, and it's not pretty: with lies and misdirection and identity fraud and a whole lot of desperation. » 4/25/12 10:20am 4/25/12 10:20am