American Soccer Fans Are The Saddest Soccer Fans

Since we've done this to other fanbases that suffered heartbreak, we figured it was only fair to offer up a collection of photographs of American fans looking dejected after watching Portugal tie up yesterday's game in the 94th minute (94th minute! Motherfucker!) of yesterday's game. Think of it as cathartic, or… » 6/23/14 9:43am 6/23/14 9:43am

You'll Never Flop Alone: Sad Scenes From The Last Of Liverpool's Season

On Sunday, I watched the deflating end of Liverpool's season from various points along Anfield Road, not far from the team's stadium and headquarters. The result was the culmination of a slow-motion regression to an unhappy mean. Having entered the stretch run looking like a lock to win the Premiership and having… » 5/13/14 2:19pm 5/13/14 2:19pm