The Life And Death Of The Runaway Baltimore Bull: A Play In Two Acts

A bull got loose in the streets of Baltimore today. Nobody is sure where the bull came from, or where he was trying to go. All we know is that the bull was spotted by many Baltimore residents, running across the hot pavement of the city's roads, warmed by the summer sun and driven onward by the thrill of freedom. » 6/13/14 11:33am 6/13/14 11:33am

Metrodome Deflated For Final Time; Demolition Begins Monday

The home of the Minnesota Vikings has been deflated for the final time. This is time lapse video of the roughly 35-minute process. Once home to the Twins, Vikings and Timberwolves, the Metrodome slowly lost all its major tenants but the Vikings. Now that the Vikings have a new billion-dollar facility planned, the… » 1/18/14 6:30pm 1/18/14 6:30pm

Former Atlanta Hawks First-Rounder Has Had A Sad Hawks Career Arc

Cal Bowdler's NBA career probably hasn't gone like he hoped it would. After four years of college ball at Old Dominion, where he led the Colonial Athletic Association in rebounds and blocked shots in 1998 and 1999, Bowdler was selected by the Atlanta Hawks with the 17th overall pick in 1999. He rode the bench for… » 6/06/13 5:48pm 6/06/13 5:48pm

Kim Jong Un And Dennis Rodman Are Now Friends For Life

Curious about how gigantic weirdo Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea is going? It's going great! Today, Rodman took in an exhibition basketball game with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. They watched members of the Harlem Globetrotters take on a North Korean "dream team," and then became besties for life. Vice,… » 2/28/13 3:15pm 2/28/13 3:15pm

Guy Who Ran Onto The Court During A Toronto Raptors Game Wearing…

Last night, a fan interrupted the Knicks-Raptors game in Toronto—during the fourth quarter, when the teams was within two—by running out on to the court and circling around a bit. His foray was short lived, as you can see in the photo above, and we salute the quick work of security personnel at the Air Canada Centre.… » 2/23/13 11:25am 2/23/13 11:25am

Hockey Dad Who Heckled Child, Made Threats While Holding Infant…

Father of the Year candidate Jason Boyd, whose caught-on-video outburst at a youth hockey game in Winnipeg we told you about yesterday, didn't just stop at calling a player "a midget" before threatening the boy's father, all while also holding a child in his arms. Nope. Boyd's behavior allegedly got even worse. He's… » 2/15/13 12:15pm 2/15/13 12:15pm

Hockey Dad Heckles Children, Makes Violent Threats While Holding His…

The worst thing about little league sports will always be what it does to the players' parents. There is just something about children playing sports that draws out the darkest parts of the adult soul. Case in point: the madman in the video above who shouts, "He's a midget!" at a child who is trying to play hockey,… » 2/14/13 6:00pm 2/14/13 6:00pm

Sixers Fan Buys 18 Tickets To Tonight's Game For Less Than A Dollar

The Sixers are five games under .500 and hosting the Indiana Pacers isn't doing the Wells Fargo Center any favors, either. Things are so desperate in Philly that one fan was able to scoop up 18 tickets on stub-hub for $.04. He bought the entire row and told Ryan Petzar he did so because it "seemed like a funny idea,… » 2/06/13 9:00pm 2/06/13 9:00pm