Sal Paolantonio Has Found The Real Victim Of Ballghazi

We still have nine days until the Super Bowl, everyone. Mark Brunell getting upset over the possibility of Tom Brady fibbing is not the nadir of Ballghazi, though that'd be nice. On this morning's Colin Cowherd radio atrocity, Sal Paolantonio remixed a classic hand-wringing angle—Think of the children!—into… » 1/23/15 1:40pm 1/23/15 1:40pm

Sal Paolantonio's Postgame Andy Reid Interview Was Weird

Andy Reid had every reason to be happy. His Kansas City Chiefs were freshly 3-0 with a win over his former squad in Philadelphia, and the team building the kind of camaraderie that leads to a Gatorade shower in Week Three. Reid did not seem very happy, though, when talking to ESPN's Sal Paolantonio after the game. » 9/20/13 12:57am 9/20/13 12:57am

ESPN Employee Denies ESPN Report That Said ESPN Employee Was Offered A Consulting Job With The Eagles

Sal Paolantonio reported one of those stories this morning that forced Philly's football media to ask the kind of question Eagles coach Andy Reid might actually have to answer. According to Sal Pal, the Eagles had tried to bring in former Browns coach (and current ESPN analyst) Eric Mangini to jog along and hold… » 10/12/11 5:15pm 10/12/11 5:15pm

Bart Scott Now Owns The Rights To The Phrase "Can't Wait!"

Sal Paolantonio interviewed Bart Scott back in January, after the Jets defeated the Patriots, 28-21 in the AFC semifinals. As the ESPN YouTube video would have us believe, Scott "literally [flew] over" to Paolantonio, talked about nosebleeds and believing for a bit, and ended his shining moment with an exuberant… » 3/04/11 7:10pm 3/04/11 7:10pm

Terrell Suggs Should Really Handle All Media Relations for The Ravens

Terrell Suggs caused a firestorm when he bragged about the Ravens D putting Rashard Mendenhal » 10/23/08 6:15pm 10/23/08 6:15pml on IR for the rest of the season and then confidently said that Hines Ward was next. Some argued that Suggs was just a little confused about what a bounty actually is; he didn't mean anything by it, he's just mouthing off…