How Serious Is Tony Parker's Back Injury?

Tonight, Tony Parker will likely miss his third straight game with a back injury, and more than a few assume that Parker's "injury" is really just a cover for Gregg Popovich to rest his star before the playoffs. The injury, tweeted April 7th from the Spurs' official account as "a sprained facet joint, left side," sounds… » 4/11/14 1:16pm 4/11/14 1:16pm

Gregg Popovich Stays Trolling David Stern

Remember when Gregg Popovich sent home all of his good players before a nationally televised game against the Heat, prompting David Stern to throw a hissy fit and fine Pop $250,000? Stern really taught Popovich a lesson that day! Well, not really: » 12/19/13 4:58pm 12/19/13 4:58pm

Ray Allen Spent His Whole Career Practicing That Amazing Game 6 Shot

Lee Jenkins has an awesome story about the last 29 seconds of Game 6 of the NBA finals and Ray Allen's incredible shot on today. It's full of great quotes from the game's principals, and it weaves together multiple perspectives without having to rest on the increasingly aggravating oral history format. One of… » 12/18/13 4:21pm 12/18/13 4:21pm

Does More Ball Movement Help An NBA Offense, Or Just Waste Time?

What counts as good NBA ball movement? The "seven seconds or less" theory developed by Mike D'Antoni's Phoenix Suns contends that teams are more efficient earlier in the shot clock (they are), and that the best strategy is, consequently, to get a shot off quickly with relatively few touches on the ball. On the other… » 12/12/13 2:38pm 12/12/13 2:38pm

Mexico City Smoke-Out Only Second Strangest Delay In Spurs History

The NBA's "Global Games" are off to a hilarious start. I mean, it wasn't funny for the 22,000 Mexico City fans who didn't get a chance to watch the Spurs and Timberwolves thanks to the arena filling up with smoke, but images like Tony Parker masking up and rushing into a burning building are pretty damn entertaining for… » 12/05/13 9:15am 12/05/13 9:15am