Cops: San Diego Sports Anchor Shot Because Of Dispute With Painter 

The San Diego sports anchor shot outside of his home yesterday was targeted by a man who had done painting work on his house, according to police. CBS 8, where anchor Kyle Kraska works, reports that Kraska had seen Mike Montana—the suspected gunman who was arrested yesterday—doing painting work on a neighbors house… »2/11/15 10:26pm2/11/15 10:26pm


Deadspin Reader Heroically Attends Screening Of Ryan Leaf Movie

In a simpler time, Mike Sebeckis was known as Seabass, Deadspin commenter extraordinaire. A software engineer who has been living in San Diego for 2 1/2 years, he doesn't have much time to frolic in the comments section these days; although he is still a regular reader and thinks Baby Mangino is a lock for SHOTY. But… »12/04/08 1:45pm12/04/08 1:45pm