Padres Legend Jerry Coleman Was The Yogi Berra You Never Knew

You'd better go to other people's funerals, else they won't go to yours. Even if you don't know the source of the quip — that'd be Lawrence Peter Berra, known to the world as Yogi — it'll follow its speaker to the grave. Like Casey Stengel, another of baseball's never-ending fortune cookies, Berra had the luck to reign … » 1/08/14 8:47pm 1/08/14 8:47pm

MLB Umpires Manage To Blow Two Calls On The Same Play

Our old pals Tony Randazzo and Jordan Baker should have another set of companions in internet ignominy today: third-base ump Cory Blaser and first-base ump Ed Hickox both blew calls in the 12th inning of Padres-Rockes last night. And each of those blown calls came on the play where the Padres scored the winning run. So … » 6/07/13 2:40pm 6/07/13 2:40pm

Marlins Outfielder Hilariously Loses Track Of Routine Home Run Ball

When watching baseball, if you lose track of a live fly ball off the bat, the easiest way to locate it is usually to watch the outfielder's reaction. But you were shit out of luck if you relied on Marlins rightfielder Marcell Ozuna here. He really had a bead on that ball the Padres' Will Venable hit into the seats. » 5/08/13 11:35am 5/08/13 11:35am

Padres Invite Navy Spouse To Sing, Err, Lip Sync "God Bless America"

It's Military Spouse Appreciation Day in San Diego; the Padres are in their usual Sunday camo and a special 7th-inning message from deployed Navy sailor Joseph Dale was featured on the scoreboard. Following that message, Dale's wife Caroline sang "God Bless America." Except it's pretty clear she wasn't singing it at… » 5/05/13 6:58pm 5/05/13 6:58pm

Padres CEO Blames Zack Greinke For Brawl, Likens Him To Rain Man

Yahoo has obtained an audio clip of San Deigo Padres CEO Tom Garfinkel saying dumb things about Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke to a group of Padres season ticket holders. Greinke had his collarbone broken when Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin needlessly charged him after being hit by Greinke on a 3-2 pitch in a one-run… » 4/18/13 11:45am 4/18/13 11:45am

After Brawl, Matt Kemp Confronts Carlos Quentin In Parking Lot

Nobody was angrier about Carlos Quentin's decision to charge the mound and break Zack Greinke's collarbone last night than Matt Kemp. He was so angry, in fact, that he confronted Quentin in the parking lot after the game, and the two had to be separated by police officers. Thankfully, an AP photographer was on the… » 4/12/13 10:24am 4/12/13 10:24am

Bench-Clearing Brawl Erupts Between Dodgers And Padres, Then Erupts…

Benches cleared in San Diego tonight after a Zack Greinke pitch hit Carlos Quentin on the arm, leading the Padres outfielder to charge the mound and spark a lengthy delay that resulted in several ejections and an irate Matt Kemp. » 4/12/13 12:27am 4/12/13 12:27am