How Steve Fisher Built An Unlikely Powerhouse At San Diego State

When he took the job at San Diego State University, in the fall of 1999, Steve Fisher didn't promise that he'd turn things around overnight. He signed a seven-year contract, as if to prove the point, and spent the first few months of that deal barnstorming dozens of San Diego businesses and social groups to sell… » 3/27/14 6:39pm 3/27/14 6:39pm

Prospect Who Left Combine Because Of God Spent Three Days In Airport

Good news: Ex-San Diego State running Adam Muema is alive and accounted for. No one had talked to him since he left the combine for God reasons, but he reportedly had spent three days in an airport in Fort Lauderdale before asking a friend to pick him up. » 2/28/14 5:50pm 2/28/14 5:50pm

Coaches Unable To Contact NFL Prospect Who Left Combine Because Of God

Former San Diego State running back Adam Muema raised eyebrows when he divulged that God had told him to leave the NFL Combine without participating. Since then, he hasn't said anything further, and Muema's friends and coaches haven't been able to get in touch with him. » 2/26/14 7:17pm 2/26/14 7:17pm

Jamaal Franklin Goes Off The Backboard At Full Speed For This Dunk Of…

Will any other dunk during the 2012-13 college basketball season eclipse this insane moment of instinct, confidence, and sheer ballsiness? The correct response, almost assuredly, is "no." And by the eighth or ninth time you watch this, check out the Fresno State players' heads turn in every conceivable direction as… » 1/10/13 1:30am 1/10/13 1:30am

If You Disparage A BYU-Employed Video Replay Coordinator, He Will Sue…

Over two years ago, the San Diego State Aztecs played the BYU Cougars in what ought to have been an standard regular season contest. It was anything but standard: Late in the game, a fumble by BYU's J.J. Diluigi was not called on the field, despite looking to all the world like a fumble. Naturally, the replay booth… » 12/08/12 11:40am 12/08/12 11:40am

How's That "Going For It On Fourth Down" Thing Going For San Diego State?

This August brought momentous news: San Diego State Aztecs head coach Rocky Long had done lost his mind, and would be implementing essentially the strategy all advanced football stats people have been stridently advocating since the dawn of advanced football stats. Long was going for it on fourth (inside the other… » 10/06/12 9:40am 10/06/12 9:40am