Jim Tomsula Should Be Your Favorite Coach

We made a lot of jokes at Jim Tomsula’s expense after the 49ers tabbed him as their new head coach, because he exudes an appearance that screams “cautionary tale,” (or perhaps “hardware salesman”) but here’s the truth: the man’s undefeated. With his win as an interim coach in 2010, and last night’s ugly, error-filled… »9/15/15 11:14am9/15/15 11:14am

Australian Sportswriter Liveblogs 49ers Game, Discovers Just How Dumb Football Can Be

People in Australia are understandably excited about Jarryd Hayne, a former Australian rugby star who earned himself a roster spot on the San Francisco 49ers. Given that last night was his NFL debut, the Guardian had Australian sportswriter Matt Cleary liveblog the game for the folks in Hayne’s home country. If you’ve… »9/15/15 10:27am9/15/15 10:27am

Jim Tomsula Has Inspiring Words For Aldon Smith And Anyone Struggling

Jim Tomsula held a press conference today after the team released linebacker Aldon Smith following the player’s arrest Thursday night. The 49ers head coach said that even though Smith would no longer be part of the team, he would be supported. (What that means, exactly, is unclear.) Tomsula used the opportunity to… »8/07/15 4:43pm8/07/15 4:43pm

Jim Tomsula's Life Has Been Extraordinarily Depressing

You know Jim Tomsula. You just do. He’s the guy with life lessons to impart to you from his time as a Fuller Brush salesman, opinions on what makes a particular highway overpass a good sleeping one, recommendations on how to cook with Sterno, and reasons why you should shop at the dented-can store, because the damage… »7/22/15 3:11pm7/22/15 3:11pm