Reports: Colin Kaepernick Benched For Blaine Gabbert

Blaine Gabbert will start at quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers against the Atlanta Falcons this weekend, reports Kyle McLorg (and confirmed every other NFL reporter). Regular starter and large headphone enthusiast Colin Kaepernick has been dire this season, ranking as the 30th best QB in the league by Football… »11/02/15 11:22pm11/02/15 11:22pm

Colin Kaepernick Donked A Guy Right In The Face

Somehow, this was a matchup of teams with identical records. But the Seahawks’ 20-3 win over the 49ers felt like so many of the blowouts in the recent one-sided stretch of the Seattle-San Francisco rivalry. The only things that set this one apart were the Niners’ especially unproductive offense, the fact that it was a… »10/23/15 8:59am10/23/15 8:59am

Jim Tomsula Should Be Your Favorite Coach

We made a lot of jokes at Jim Tomsula’s expense after the 49ers tabbed him as their new head coach, because he exudes an appearance that screams “cautionary tale,” (or perhaps “hardware salesman”) but here’s the truth: the man’s undefeated. With his win as an interim coach in 2010, and last night’s ugly, error-filled… »9/15/15 11:14am9/15/15 11:14am

Australian Sportswriter Liveblogs 49ers Game, Discovers Just How Dumb Football Can Be

People in Australia are understandably excited about Jarryd Hayne, a former Australian rugby star who earned himself a roster spot on the San Francisco 49ers. Given that last night was his NFL debut, the Guardian had Australian sportswriter Matt Cleary liveblog the game for the folks in Hayne’s home country. If you’ve… »9/15/15 10:27am9/15/15 10:27am