​The 7 Most Affable Versions Of Satan Ever

Sometimes, the Devil gets a bad rap. Oh, sure, not all of the time — a lot of the time he's evil incarnate — but sometimes he's just a nice guy with a job to do, a job that just happens to be damning people's souls. Here are seven portrayals of the Prince of Darkness that prove being damned doesn't make you a dick. » 10/27/14 2:21pm 10/27/14 2:21pm

Goodnight, Sandman, Goodnight

You might remember Sandman for his mid-'90s ECW feuds with Tommy Cairo and Raven, or the infamous Singapore Caning. But these days, James Fullington is branching out. He was arrested on Sunday night after a spree of drunken mayhem, which included throwing an entire tray of beer glasses at the police. They tend to… » 7/22/08 9:45am 7/22/08 9:45am