The 49ers Want To Turn Youth Soccer Fields Into Parking Lots

The San Francisco 49ers have their shiny new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, but they want more. (NFL teams are never satisfied and will run over your grandmother with a steamroller if it means just one more square foot of space in their stadium.) The 49ers are offering $15 million for 10 acres of nearby land currently… »4/21/15 1:52pm4/21/15 1:52pm


If The Raiders and 49ers Share A Stadium, Where Should It Go?

No one saw this coming, but the Raiders and 49ers have been talking about the possibility of rooming together. In preliminary meetings, they have floated the idea of building one fancy new stadium, with both teams sharing it. Considering is not the same as committing, and even farther from actually doing, but they… »7/20/11 12:55pm7/20/11 12:55pm