Santonio Holmes Played Call-Your-Own-Fouls On Sunday With The Replacement Refs

Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes did not do a very good job of getting open against Steelers corner Ike Taylor on Sunday. He had only three catches for 28 yards despite being targeted 11 times. Sometimes Holmes didn't make the catch because he was interfered with. And sometimes he didn't make the catch because he… »9/18/12 2:35pm9/18/12 2:35pm

Santonio Holmes Gets Vocal About A Pass Interference No-Call

As far as incidental broadcasts of sports profanity go, this is pretty tame (the only less-offensive being your Bobby Knight "chickenshit") but Santonio Holmes' complaint about the no-call on this pass in the second half of the Patriots-Jets SNF matchup is still amusing—especially the belated attempt by an NBC audio… »11/13/11 11:31pm11/13/11 11:31pm

AFC Title Game May Come Down To Another Controversial Touchdown

A lot's being made of whether the Pittsburgh Steelers could beat any team three times in a season, let alone the Baltimore Ravens. Most of you will remember the controversial Santonio Holmes touchdown that pushed the Steelers past Baltimore in that Week 15 showdown. The goaline catch was originally ruled short of the… »1/17/09 12:05pm1/17/09 12:05pm