Sarah Burke's Former Coach Spreads Her Ashes On Sochi Halfpipe

When the Olympics first began in Sochi, the IOC refused to allow athletes to commemorate the dead. Most notably, officials told halfpipe skiers they could not wear patches or stickers in honor of Canadian skier Sarah Burke, who died two years ago while training in Utah. Her former coach, Trennon Paynter, however, was… »2/22/14 5:33pm2/22/14 5:33pm


US Skier Claims She Was Disqualified From The X-Games For Sarah Burke Tribute [UPDATE]

Langely McNeal is a US skier competing in this year's X-Games. Earlier today, she posted a status update on her facebook page indicating that she had been disqualified from the Women's Skier X final as a result of the French team protesting a Sarah Burke band around her thigh and a hair tie around her boot. »1/29/12 9:01pm1/29/12 9:01pm