How ESPN Ditched Journalism And Followed Skip Bayless To The Bottom: A …

In October, Doug Gottlieb, a radio host and basketball analyst who'd decamped for CBS the previous month after nine years with ESPN, went on The Dan Patrick Show and dropped something of a truth bomb about his time in Bristol: » 11/12/12 3:32pm 11/12/12 3:32pm

Would You Like To Donate Money To A $50,000 Sarah Phillips…

A few days ago, someone wanted to raise $50,000 for a Sarah Phillips documentary. As we remember, Phillips got into all sorts of trouble while she was a columnist at ESPN and a gambling columnist at But this proposed documentary didn't set out to wrestle broader themes like creepy scams or the vagaries of… » 8/02/12 2:56pm 8/02/12 2:56pm

Is USA Today's Veteran Gambling Guy Buying Twitter Followers?

Remember our old friend Sarah Phillips, the internet huckster and former ESPN columnist? One of her many tricks, we learned, was to buy followers on Twitter—a new scheme for a new era. The more followers you have, the more influence you can claim to have. In a monetized social-media landscape, the Twitter follower… » 6/29/12 9:30am 6/29/12 9:30am

Everything You Need To Know About Sarah Phillips, Former ESPN…

Last week, we published a long story about Sarah Phillips, the ESPN columnist who, among other things, used her connections to the Worldwide Leader to hijack a teenager's Facebook venture. The story developed quickly from there, getting progressively more complicated as more tipsters came forward with their own Sarah… » 5/11/12 12:18pm 5/11/12 12:18pm

Source: Sarah Phillips Steered Business To A Bookie Who Was Probably…

So far, we know that former ESPN columnist Sarah Phillips and her partner, Nilesh Prasad, hijacked a 19-year-old's Facebook page, misrepresented their connections to ESPN, and engaged in some sort of minor-league hustle at a Corvallis, Ore., T-Mobile store. To that list, let's add another, more serious allegation:… » 5/08/12 10:08am 5/08/12 10:08am

In The Realm Of Gambling Message Boards, Anyone Could Be The Next…

How did a poseur like former ESPN columnist Sarah Phillips get so far in the gambling world, a place where you might expect people to value experience, wisdom, and verifiability above all else? Well, remember where she—and presumably her partner, Nilesh Prasad—got her start: the gambling message board at » 5/07/12 12:20pm 5/07/12 12:20pm

Meet Nilesh Prasad, Sarah Phillips's Scamming Partner And Supposed…

Here, at last, are some photos of former ESPN columnist Sarah Phillips and her partner, Nilesh Prasad, the low-rent Bonnie and Clyde of social-media ripoffs. The reader who sent the one above said it was taken in April 2010 during a trip to Cancun. This was a "top performer vacation reward," our tipster writes, "for a… » 5/03/12 12:44pm 5/03/12 12:44pm

Another Sarah Phillips Scam: "I'm A Writer For ESPN And I Have A Plan To …

On Tuesday, Sarah Phillips took to Twitter. She told us she was 22. She said she's happy that she's no longer involved in sports media. » 5/02/12 4:45pm 5/02/12 4:45pm

Sarah Phillips-Erik Miller Chat Transcript

Sarah: Hey Erik!
me: hey you
whats going down?
Sarah: Not much! you?
me: just working at the office!
its about 92 degrees here
Sarah: It's not 92 degrees here. Lol.
What line of work are you in?
me: lol lucky you
i work for IBM
i'm BDM
what part of cali you reppin?
Sarah: A wha?
me: business development manager
» 5/02/12 4:10pm 5/02/12 4:10pm

Sources: Sarah Phillips And Nilesh Prasad Picked Games Together,…

What have we learned about Sarah Phillips, the woman who was apparently scamming people on the Internet when she wasn't writing a column for, in the 24 hours since our story was published? The most interesting bit is that she and her partner, Nilesh Prasad, apparently engaged in some low-grade scamming in 2010 … » 5/02/12 3:05pm 5/02/12 3:05pm

Fake John Madden Clarifies His Role In The Sarah Phillips/ESPN Debacle

Lost in this whole sordid, twisted Sarah Phillips fiasco was the brief cameo by Brent, the proprietor of @FauxJohnMadden, Twitter's leading source for tweets definitely not composed by the legendary Hall of Fame coach and Tinactin spokesman. » 5/02/12 1:15am 5/02/12 1:15am

Sarah Phillips Admits She "Concealed" Her Identity, Made "Poor Choices…

Sarah Phillips, the former contributor and self-professed gambling guru, is having a bit of conscience cleansing tonight, in the wake of our investigation into whether she was part of a larger, more nefarious con job and how ESPN editors could actually employ someone—freelance or not— that they had never… » 5/01/12 10:20pm 5/01/12 10:20pm

Is An ESPN Columnist Scamming People On The Internet? [UPDATE]

A few weeks ago, ESPN columnist Sarah Phillips concluded her weekly "Junk Mail" column with a question from an unnamed reader: » 5/01/12 4:37pm 5/01/12 4:37pm