Radio Dummy On Female NFL Ref: "It's The Wrong Place To Put A Woman"

Kevin Kiley hosts a morning sports radio show in Cleveland, and today he wanted to talk about the NFL’s decision to hire a female referee for the first time ever. The first few minutes of the conversation, embedded below, are nothing special. Kiley just kind of dances around the topic for a while and asks his guests… »4/03/15 2:24pm4/03/15 2:24pm


Woman Referees New Orleans Saints Practice Scrimmage...Four Horsemen Seen Trotting Nearby

There were the usual complaints: She's blowing her whistle too suggestively, the shorts show too much skin and yet not enough skin, why can I see her panty-line, she should wear a thong, the ref stripes make it impossible to see whether she'd look good topless, you know, the same old sturm und drang that Ed Hochuli… »8/05/08 11:30am8/05/08 11:30am