Manscaping And A Mankini Helped MMA Reach Its Aesthetic Nadir At UFC 133

No one watches UFC—what with its bloody noses, sweaty chests, cauliflower ears—for beauty's sake. No one would confuse Dana White with Donna Karan. But holy lord, things got ugly in one of the undercard fights last night. » 8/07/11 11:45am 8/07/11 11:45am

Healthy Scratch Sean Avery Thinks You Would Look Great In A $5,450 (Now…

On Friday, Gilt Groupe, which sells your rich friends discounted designer clothes, listed a special sale—"Avery's Rules: Hockey Star Sean Avery Dresses the Modern Power Player." On Saturday, Avery was a healthy scratch against the Sharks. Coincidence? Almost certainly. » 3/14/11 5:00pm 3/14/11 5:00pm