Coming Soon To Seattle-Area High School Football: Satanic Invocations (UPDATE)

The legal position on prayer in public school in America is, generally, settled. Across decades of cases, the Supreme Court has held that religion may not be included in school-sponsored activities, but that students may independently gather for religious purposes. But a high school football coach in the Seattle area… »10/28/15 11:23pm10/28/15 11:23pm


​The 7 Most Affable Versions Of Satan Ever

Sometimes, the Devil gets a bad rap. Oh, sure, not all of the time — a lot of the time he's evil incarnate — but sometimes he's just a nice guy with a job to do, a job that just happens to be damning people's souls. Here are seven portrayals of the Prince of Darkness that prove being damned doesn't make you a dick. »10/27/14 2:21pm10/27/14 2:21pm

Donald Sterling Has Seized The "Guy Who Hates Cancer Patients" Label

Several tipsters took it upon themselves to point out a story about then-Los Angeles Clippers assistant coach Kim Hughes's battle with prostate cancer, and how the necessary surgery wasn't covered by the team's medical-insurance plan. There were plenty of stories and posts about it this week. In one of them, Hughes,… »3/20/11 7:15pm3/20/11 7:15pm