Punk And Irony Are Dead; Long Live The Hard Times

So there was that news report that went around a few weeks back, “Singer Billy Joel Quits Green Day.” (“The hardest decision I have ever made in my 65 years on this earth.”) Or the one the other day, “Punk Photographer Takes Every Middle Finger Personally.” (“They are all nice to me one minute and then treat me like… »4/22/15 11:33am4/22/15 11:33am


Fowler Falls For Fake Website, Makes Crazy Claims About Tennis Star

Tonight's Australian Open coverage on ESPN2 featured announcer Chris Fowler explaining to the audience that Japanese pro Kei Nishikori is, among other things, the highest-paid tennis player in the world and the owner of a restaurant chain, a soccer team, and clothing and perfume lines. None of those things are true,… »1/19/15 9:59pm1/19/15 9:59pm

Charlie Hebdo Is France's Answer To South Park, Or Vice Versa

Most Americans woke up last Wednesday, scrolled through social media, learned of the Paris terrorist attack that left 12 dead, and, within minutes, had formed an opinion about a French satirical newspaper they'd never heard of. A consensus emerged: Charlie Hebdo (typical print run: 60,000) was an equal-opportunity… »1/15/15 11:29am1/15/15 11:29am

The Dawn Of A New Day: Welcome to CLOWNFISTER

It's finally here. After many, many long seconds of development, I'm proud to introduce you to Deadspin's very own boutique spinoff site: CLOWNFISTER. I won't lie: I'm a bit scared. SO SCARED. This is all very exciting, but overwhelming too, just like when I went to that one Coldplay concert! When Craggs told me… »7/22/13 10:13am7/22/13 10:13am

NESN Reports SportsPickle Satire About Brian Urlacher As News

Yesterday satirical sports website SportsPickle published an amusing story on Brian Urlacher's retirement, claiming the Bears linebacker was retiring but signing a one-day contract with the Packers so he could "go out a winner." Today, while broadcasting coverage of the ACC baseball tournament, NESN ran that… »5/24/13 2:20pm5/24/13 2:20pm