Megatron Breaks The Record And Lions Fans Aren't Sure How To Feel:…

Atlanta 31, Detroit 18: The above moment of celebratory uncertainty came before Calvin Johnson broke Jerry Rice's single-season receiving yards record—it came during a Falcons timeout while the Lions were down, in fact, which meant the confusion was sort of understandable—but it's appropriate considering the general… » 12/22/12 11:45pm 12/22/12 11:45pm

Saturday Night Football Open Thread: Drunk Off Eggnog Edition

There's football tonight! No, no—not Tivo'd Las Vegas Bowl, though that was a good game—NFL football, where they wear pads and get paid. Watch it with us, talk trash about the family members you see once every year on Christmas (*cough*), count the many times Jon Gruden refers to Matt Ryan as "this guy" or tries to… » 12/22/12 8:20pm 12/22/12 8:20pm

Can The Giants Slay The Giant?

Better bust out the good potato chips for this one, folks. Instant history kind of demands an "All-Dressed" rippled. The Patriots close out their 2007 regular season against the New York Giants tonight as they attempt to become the fourth team in the NFL's 88-year history to finish a regular season undefeated and… » 12/29/07 5:45pm 12/29/07 5:45pm