Saudi Arabia Allows A Token Female Olympian, So Get Off Their Backs Already

After 40 years of sending teams to the Olympics, Saudi Arabia has finally agreed that women should be allowed to participate. That manifests itself as one single athlete, born in America and raised in Europe, who will represent the Kingdom in equestrian events and thus be covered head to toe. And they're only doing it… »6/25/12 10:05am6/25/12 10:05am

London May Host The First Olympics With Female Athletes From Every Country

It's hard to believe this is the year 2012 and there are still countries on the planet that have forbidden women from competing in the Olympics. You know, like that's something that still happens. But it's unfortunately true, as Saudi Arabia, Brunei, and Qatar—which would really like to get the 2020 Olympics when it's… »3/20/12 10:15pm3/20/12 10:15pm