Untied Shoelace Leads To Two Great Displays Of Soccer Sportsmanship

After collecting the ball during a match last week in the Saudi Arabian league last week, Al-Nahda goalkeeper Tisir Al-Antaif found his shoelace undone. With his big Hamburger Helper gloves, he couldn't re-tie it himself. So Al-Ittihad's Brazilian striker Jobson bent down to do it for him. » 11/13/13 4:55pm 11/13/13 4:55pm

Saudi Arabia to Start Letting Girls Play Sports

As part of incremental progress towards more freedom for women in the incredibly conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia, women in private schools will now be allowed to play sports. » 5/05/13 2:44pm 5/05/13 2:44pm

Saudi Arabia Had A Female Track Athlete Run Today

Sarah Attar was born and raised in California, and she attends Pepperdine University, where she's on the cross country and track and field teams. But her father is Saudi Arabian, and she has dual citizenship, so she competed for the Saudis at the Olympics, qualifying under a clause that aims to expand participation.… » 8/08/12 6:10pm 8/08/12 6:10pm

Saudi Arabia Allows A Token Female Olympian, So Get Off Their Backs…

After 40 years of sending teams to the Olympics, Saudi Arabia has finally agreed that women should be allowed to participate. That manifests itself as one single athlete, born in America and raised in Europe, who will represent the Kingdom in equestrian events and thus be covered head to toe. And they're only doing it… » 6/25/12 10:05am 6/25/12 10:05am

London May Host The First Olympics With Female Athletes From Every…

It's hard to believe this is the year 2012 and there are still countries on the planet that have forbidden women from competing in the Olympics. You know, like that's something that still happens. But it's unfortunately true, as Saudi Arabia, Brunei, and Qatar—which would really like to get the 2020 Olympics when it's… » 3/20/12 10:15pm 3/20/12 10:15pm

Live Blog: Spain Vs. Saudi Arabia

It is not entirely outside of the realm of possibility that Saudi Arabia could somehow sneak into the next round; they would need a (huge) upset win here and then ... well, they'd need a lot to happen. Meanwhile, Spain is already cruising into the Round of 16 and is (mostly) assured of the top seed out of the Group.… » 6/23/06 11:00am 6/23/06 11:00am

Live Blog: Ukraine Vs. Saudi Arabia

People tend to like us to find "sexy" pictures of soccer "babe" fans, wearing little "clothing" and painting their "faces." But, try as we might, we were unable to find any sexy photos of Saudi Arabia fans. (We also had trouble with Iran and, unusually, Brazil. Odd.) We apologize. » 6/19/06 12:45pm 6/19/06 12:45pm

Live Blog: Tunisia Vs. Saudi Arabia

We know, we know: We haven't quite adequately captured the storied glory of the Saudi Arabia-Tunisia rivalry this week. We're trying, but JJ Redick keeps getting arrested, and it's distracting us. » 6/14/06 12:45pm 6/14/06 12:45pm

Four Tiny Tidbits On: Saudi Arabia

The World Cup is ominously close! So that you aren't caught offside (they have that in soccer, right?), we're previewing all the participants, bringing you Four Things You Don't Know About Them. If you have a tidbit, send it along to tips@Deadspin.com. Today: Saudi Arabia! And for World Cup previews that are even… » 4/27/06 2:30pm 4/27/06 2:30pm