The Many Horrible, Stupid Faces Of Roger Goodell: A Gallery Of Authoritarian Derp

Roger Goodell is the worst, a nothingburger who rose to power on his daddy's good name, a sort of Commissioner Fredo whose legacy thus far is two self-destructive labor fights, some owner collusion, and ceaseless bullshit about the sanctity of the game. We've spent a lot of time writing about all these things, but… »9/28/12 2:30pm9/28/12 2:30pm


Replacement Official Speaks Out: "The Last Guy Who Was Perfect They Nailed To A Cross"

By the time the referee lockout ended last night, many of the scab replacements had become notorious for blunders or impropriety of some kind. Jeff Sadorus fell into that classification when reports surfaced 10 days ago that he had been a paid practice official for years with the Seattle Seahawks, which wasn't an… »9/27/12 11:35pm9/27/12 11:35pm

Tonight's Referee Crew Walked Out To A Standing Ovation In Baltimore

Referee Gene Steratore and his officiating crew, with a combined 70 years of professional experience, walked out of the M&T Bank Stadium tunnel to a standing O and cheers from everyone on hand. (For the record, the first penalty of tonight's game came just 2:41 in: Illegal contact on the Browns defense and automatic… »9/27/12 8:45pm9/27/12 8:45pm

"The Referee Lockout Is Over! Let's Give Roger Goodell A Raise," Says Shill

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that this happened, but it's maddening, nonetheless. Shortly after the NFL referee lockout came to an end last night, Mike Florio posted this pile of crap on, in which he argues that Roger Goodell actually deserves our praise for how he handled the lockout. Glad… »9/27/12 10:30am9/27/12 10:30am

The NFL's Replacement Referees Will Not Be Missed, But They Did Entertain Us

Here's a greatest hits compilation that surfaced on YouTube within minutes of the news that the NFL and its referees had come to agreement on a new labor deal. Seeing all these lowlights strung together in one sad clip after another does give an appreciation for the unprecedented levels of suckitude that filled our… »9/27/12 12:40am9/27/12 12:40am

Why Are The Scab Refs Screwing Up Illegal-Contact Penalties?

The replacement officials made many mistakes over the weekend, some of such great consequence that they inspired incredible anger, others bad enough only to prompt a very loud "bullshit" chant. But they've all been bad. Instead of focusing on one specific mistake, or all the mistakes as a whole, though, we want to… »9/26/12 6:00pm9/26/12 6:00pm

Someone Is Actually Sticking Up For The NFL In This Labor Deal Mess

It was bound to happen. Call it Murphy's Law of Contrarian Journalism. Two weeks back, it was ESPN's Darren Rovell looking to blame the NHL lockout on "die-hard fans," and now Ashley Fox, his colleague at the WWL, has stepped her toe into the shitstorm that erupted Monday night. Seems we've really all got it wrong… »9/25/12 10:50pm9/25/12 10:50pm