The Hatfield Pig Is Here To Share His Cannibalistic Goodness With…

During your average Phillies broadcast, the freakiest thing you're likely to see is some antic of the Phanatic. Maybe, if you're lucky, a fight will break out in the Citizens Bank Park cheap seats. » 8/21/12 9:00am 8/21/12 9:00am

Mexico's Official Soccer Mascot Will Haunt Your Dreams

This is Kin, the official mascot of the Mexican national soccer team, which faces the USA tonight at Estadio Azteca. Mexico is 23-0-1 all-time against the USMNT on its home soil, though I'm thinking it's the hideous sight of this monstrosity and not the extreme altitude or exuberant fanbase that's to blame for that.… » 8/15/12 8:20pm 8/15/12 8:20pm