Cranky Columnist Writes Anti-Stats Column That Reads Like Parody Of Anti-Stats Columns

Chaz Scoggins has been around. The longtime Lowell Sun writer has served as the Red Sox's official scorer for 34 years. He's been a SABR member for nearly as long. He even served as president of the BBWAA. But his hidden talent appears to be master satirist. How else to explain his weekend column, which could only be… »10/15/12 10:40am10/15/12 10:40am


Thank God The 76ers Hired A GM That Doesn't Know Anything About Stats

The Philadelphia Inquirer has an article today welcoming new Sixers GM Tony DiLeo into the fold, sort of. Mostly, the column responds to the (straw man) critics that argued DiLeo's hiring "wasn't sexy enough," and who wanted "the newest thing—the analytic —that guy who would go all Billy Beane on the organization."… »10/14/12 7:18pm10/14/12 7:18pm