With No Tickets, Turkish Soccer Fans Try Burrowing Into Stadium

For Tuesday's sold-out Champions League match at Schalke, a group of Galatasaray supporters came up with an ingenious idea. Just before the match began, they attempted to dig through frozen ground, underneath a fence, to sneak into the Veltins-Arena. By "ingenious" we of course mean "stupid." » 3/13/13 5:42pm 3/13/13 5:42pm

Watch Dejan Stankovic Air Out A Goal From Midfield

Inter Milan's Dejan Stankovic scored a goal just 20 seconds into a Champions League game against Schalke last night in Milan. More accurately, Stankovic fluidly picked the ball out of the air from midfield and sent it searing past Schalke goalkeeper Manuel Neuer with one touch. From fifty meters out. Inter lost this… » 4/06/11 10:20am 4/06/11 10:20am