Georgia Tech Student Gives Most Impassioned Welcome Speech Ever

This dude right here is named Nicholas Selby, and he has more school spirit than you. This is evidenced by the fact that he welcomed Georgia Tech's incoming freshman class by screaming at them like a lunatic for nearly two minutes, hoping to inspire them toward greatness. He says a lot of inspiring and also kind of… »8/22/13 2:02pm8/22/13 2:02pm


Erie, Pa. High-School Coach Takes On "Boy Lovers" And "Selfish Pig" Girlfriends In Email Rant

Chet Moffett (right, collecting trash) is the cross-country coach at Cathedral Preparatory School in Erie, Pa. He's also a guidance counselor. And just last week, he was totally pissed off about the lack of fan support for Prep's basketball team in its 51-46 loss to General McLane High. Or as he referred to it in an… »12/27/11 11:30pm12/27/11 11:30pm