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Jason Peters Tore His Achilles In The Saddest Way Possible

Eagles lineman Jason Peters ruptured his Achilles tendon in March during a workout. Even though Philly signed a replacement in Demetress Bell, Peters held out hope he could return late in the season. That's not going to happen, after Peters tore the tendon a second time. How it happened? Therein lies dramedy. Peters… » 5/15/12 1:50pm 5/15/12 1:50pm

Area Man Intervenes In Scooter-Based Road Rage Incident Involving…

Pirates catcher Chris Snyder became embroiled in a road rage altercation on Wednesday while driving with his wife and two children. His wife nearly collided with Subhash Arjanbhi Modhwadia, a particularly short-fused fellow on a scooter. Modhwadia chased the Snyders to a gas station on his scooter. » 6/17/11 5:30pm 6/17/11 5:30pm