Matt Harvey Took Out Insurance On His Arm

The controversy over Matt Harvey’s innings limit turned out to be a lot of nothing: the Mets merely skipped Harvey’s starts and gave him shorter outings, and he’s off the leash for however long this playoff run lasts. But that doesn’t change the fact that Harvey’s already thrown 23 more innings than his previous… »10/20/15 10:15am10/20/15 10:15am


Someone Appears To Be Trying To Hoax The Marlins President Out Of His Job

When the Miami Marlins sent Marcell Ozuna to the minors on July 5, there was more in play than just giving the slumping third-year outfielder a chance “to get his rhythm back,” as Ozuna’s agent Scott Boras said he was told. Whether Ozuna becomes eligible for arbitration after this season or next depends on how much… »9/03/15 9:17am9/03/15 9:17am

Report: Scott Boras Came Up With A Wacky PED Excuse For Manny Ramirez

Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch reportedly told DEA agents that agent Scott Boras discussed falsifying medical records and came up with a cover story to explain away client Manny Ramirez's 2009 failed drug test. That cover story? Mistaking testosterone cream for aftershave lotion, which is totally a thing that happens. »11/14/14 4:43pm11/14/14 4:43pm

Gary Sheffield Is Now An Agent, And He Wants You To Know That He Still Doesn't Like Scott Boras

If you follow the insane micromovements of the baseball hot stove season, you probably, over the past year or two, had a reaction like the one Hardball Talk had in February. "Apparently, Gary Sheffield is an agent," the headline read. Sheffield had just negotiated a minor-league deal for journeyman knuckleballer Josh… »10/23/12 9:55am10/23/12 9:55am

Trent Boras Will Probably Be The Most Disappointing Major Leaguer Of Scott Boras's Career

Major League Baseball is merciful enough to not force its annual three-day draft onto us in the form of a television package deal with weeping grandmothers and incarcerated fathers. For that, we are grateful. But we'll admit that it would have made for great television to see Scott Boras react to Bud Selig's old club… »6/08/11 4:00pm6/08/11 4:00pm