How Those Painfully Awkward Local Commercials With Athletes Are Made

You've probably seen a local commercial with one of your area's athletes, and it was most likely awful and unnatural. For me, nothing will beat Dustin Pedroia's cringe-worthy Sullivan Tire ad. ("I don't believe it. It's Jim Rice.") This funny video featuring Scott Hartnell proves that there's a science to making… » 10/10/13 7:25pm 10/10/13 7:25pm

Hulk Hogan, Everybody's Cheerleader

The Flyers rolled out the Hulkster to rile up the home crowd with the promo video you see above, which was shown during yesterday's Game 3 victory over the hated Penguins. True, Scott Hartnell did a Hulkamania-inspired send-up of a Hulkamania-inspired Pens fan earlier this month, but Hogan had also done a promo… » 4/16/12 11:40am 4/16/12 11:40am

Wrestlemania Got An Early Start At Today's Penguins-Flyers Game

The last minute or so of today's Pens-Flyers matchup on NBC was a big chunk of madness, but our favorite part is this—in which a Hulkamania-inspired Pens fan who spent most of the game giving shit to Scott Hartnell and the Flyers gets what's coming to him in the form of some masterful trolling. Or, put another way,… » 4/01/12 4:46pm 4/01/12 4:46pm

Rough Season For The Flyers Naturally Leads To Cuckolding Rumors

A season that many thought would be a promising turning point for the Philadelphia Flyers has devolved into a chaotic nightmare of failed playoff dreams. So obviously someone must be banging a teammate's wife, right? » 12/17/09 3:30pm 12/17/09 3:30pm

It's Always Bitey In Philadelphia

We're still trying to sort out what went down, but it looks like Kris Letang's hand got a little too close to Scott Hartnell's mouth. He might want to get tested for rabies. » 10/08/09 10:45pm 10/08/09 10:45pm