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Kissing Riot Couple's Zapruder Film Proves Their Blissful Moment Was…

Of course you remember the golden Vancouver riot couple, forever commemorated in this photo, their newfound love a port in a storm of tear gas and riot shields. Well, some folks wrote that the photo might have been staged—it seemed too perfect, too cinematic. We understood. Oh, this postmodern world. » 6/24/11 1:25pm 6/24/11 1:25pm

Meet Vancouver's Golden Riot Couple

"An avid traveller and aspiring stand-up comedian, the 29-year-old Mr. Jones has been in Canada on a 12-month work visa since last fall and has worked in the hospitality industry in Vancouver. He and Ms. Thomas are going on a trip to California soon and plan to move to Australia later this summer." [The Globe and Mail] » 6/17/11 11:20am 6/17/11 11:20am