Too Moneyball For Their Own Good: How The Mets Screwed Up The Kazmir…

The Angels released Scott Kazmir on Wednesday, and we had seen it coming for years. Hitters clobbered Kazmir in 2009, 2010, and, in his one 2011 start. He lost his control and velocity simultaneously, and stopped striking hitters out. » 6/17/11 10:45am 6/17/11 10:45am

Latina Mary Pickford, First Lady Of The Cagers

Slate's Robert Weintraub, like many of us, loves the old purple prose of early 1900s sportswriting, the Grantland Rices, the men who painted epic tales of warriors, grizzled combatants and lardywarks too manly to wear gloves. In an occasional series, Weintraub writes about the week's best baseball game in the style of… » 5/21/08 4:00pm 5/21/08 4:00pm

The Virtual Ghost Of Scott Kazmir

One of our favorite aspects of this here Internets is something that should be self-evident: Its inherent appeal to obsessives. No matter what you care about, there's someone out there who cares just as much, probably more. Get it out there, someone will find you. We wonder, sometimes, if the Web had existed, say, 40… » 5/31/06 4:15pm 5/31/06 4:15pm