The Paterno Family Will Conduct Their Own Non-Biased Investigation

To the Paterno family, the Freeh Report was merely the scribblings of an Inquisitor, a series of "opinions and interpretations [presented] as if they were absolute facts." Which is a shame, because for $6.5 million, seven months, hundreds of interviews and millions of records, you would have hoped for something a… »7/16/12 11:00am7/16/12 11:00am


Two Brief Phone Conversations With A Very Loud, Gibbering Scott Paterno

Good ol' Scotty. Kind of the black sheep of the Paterno family. Once referred to as a "morbidly porcine man-child." Also a bit of a wingnut, it seems. I called up JoePa's son today to ask him—not his dad—about some information I'd gotten from a source close to the Paternos. I left Scott a polite message. A few minutes… »1/13/12 6:40pm1/13/12 6:40pm