NFL Network's Warren Sapp Doesn't Know His Mic Is On, Complains About "The Fucking Bill Belichick Fucking Angle"

Former Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli was featured on the NFL Network's NFL Total Access a short time ago, but his appearance was overshadowed by Warren Sapp, who could be heard off-camera mumbling something into a hot mic about "the same fucking speech that we had Mike Lombardi give, the fucking Bill Belichick… »3/12/13 8:10pm3/12/13 8:10pm


Scott Pioli Says He's Happy To Be Rid Of Todd Haley In The Most Passive-Aggressive Way Possible

This story was published Friday evening, so it fell a bit below our radar. But it's still worth sharing because, well ... you'll see. It involves Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli, and his take on training camp now that Todd Haley is no longer the team's head coach. Oh, wait. Pioli doesn't really say that. Right. OK. »8/22/12 5:15pm8/22/12 5:15pm

The Kansas City Chiefs Might Have The Worst Workplace In America

The Kansas City Star came out with a story that paints a provocative, troubling picture of life in the Chiefs offices under Scott Pioli. To ensure no one would notice, they published it on Saturday night. But we're more than happy to dive in to the tales of a workplace gone mad with paranoia and secrecy—a place where… »1/16/12 11:20am1/16/12 11:20am