The Moment A D-I Basketball Coach Stumbled Out Of A Crackhouse

In 1986, Kevin Mackey led the Cleveland State men's basketball team to a stunning upset victory over Bob Knight's Indiana Hoosiers in the NCAA tournament. Four years later, he came wobbling out of a Cleveland crackhouse into the waiting arms of the police. The local news station was also there, capturing the whole… »4/08/14 6:49pm4/08/14 6:49pm


The Art Of The Insult: How To Win A Swearing Contest With Dignity

A few years ago, Joe Posnanski—formerly a Kansas City sportswriter, and today famous as a JoePa apologist—interviewed me about one of my books and posted my answers on his blog. He asked me whether, if I'd become a major league pitcher, I still would have become a writer. I emailed, "No. I would have continued… »3/17/14 1:39pm3/17/14 1:39pm

If You're In NYC Tomorrow Night, Come Listen To Some Esteemed Basketball Authors Talk

Time for another installment of Gelf's splendid Varsity Letters reading series, and this time it's particularly timely: Harvey Araton, Henry Abbott, and our man Scott Raab, will be reading and waxing about the NBA's return. 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Le Poisson Rouge, Bleecker St. between Sullivan and Thompson. Go hear… »11/30/11 7:10pm11/30/11 7:10pm

How Delonte West's Mental Illness Affected LeBron's Final Year In Cleveland, And Why You Never Heard About It

I started working on The Whore of Akron in June 2009, before LeBron's walk year began. No one at that time saw much evidence that he was actually going to walk, not until after the Cavs lost to the Celtics in the second round of the playoffs and he started talking about "my team" in reference to the geniuses who… »11/18/11 1:31pm11/18/11 1:31pm

My Peach-Cobbler Hallucination About LeBron James, PCP, Outlaw Bikers, Cocks, Abortion, And Suicide

When LeBron James stood up the Cavs live on ESPN last season, Esquire writer Scott Raab took his 50-plus years of sad-sack Cleveland sports fandom and became a one-man hate machine. For those of you annoyed by Raab's anti-King James Twitter rantings last year, you'll be happy to know his new book is nothing like that.… »11/15/11 1:30pm11/15/11 1:30pm

In Case You Were Interested In A Book That Calls LeBron James A Whore

Esquire has the first excerpt from Scott Raab's The Whore of Akron, on sale Nov. 15. We'll have more later in the week. For now: "Lord. This is where LeBron James wants to play basketball, in front of sun-dried cretins who must be bribed to act as if they care about the game and the team. ... For as long as I've been… »10/18/11 3:35pm10/18/11 3:35pm

Why Yes, One Cleveland Writer Did Offer Up A Nazi Death-Camp Gas For Use As Dirk Nowitzki's Nickname

And it was Scott Raab (yesterday). Oh, don't get all "How dare you belittle millions of deaths for a joke the morally depraved community doesn't even so much as giggle at?" He apologized 13 hours later, while nobly driving page views to a story he wrote last year about retired U.S. autoworker/convicted Nazi… »5/18/11 10:30pm5/18/11 10:30pm

LeBron Watch, Day 55: Dan Gilbert's Top Secret Second Letter To Cleveland

The Cavs owner has already racked up a $100,000 penalty for ripping LeBron James, and now, in the wake of Zydrunas Ilgauskas's departure for Miami, he appears to be gunning for a second fine.

Dear Cleveland, all of Northeast Ohio, Cleveland Cavaliers supporters wherever you may be tonight, and residents of Kaunas,… »7/14/10 12:15pm7/14/10 12:15pm