Former Major Leaguer Scott Spiezio Is In Trouble With The Law Again

Scott Spiezio's big-league career ended in a downward spiral of substance abuse problems and scrapes with the law. Since being released from the Braves' minor-league system in April 2008, the former infielder who won World Series rings with the Angels and Cardinals appears to have kept his name out of the police… »9/05/13 7:45pm9/05/13 7:45pm


Scott Spiezio Continues To Drown In Boozy River Of Sadness

Former major leaguer Scott Spiezio's tumultuous battle with alcoholism has been marred by some ugly incidents. But even though the 35-year-old Spiezio had some extremely heavy baggage, the Atlanta Braves took a flyer on the guy, hoping he could get his life together and earn a spot on the Braves roster at some point… »4/14/08 5:01pm4/14/08 5:01pm