TMZ: Scottie Pippen Questioned In Assault Case [UPDATE]

TMZ is reporting that basketball Hall of Famer and Michael Jordan sidekick Scottie Pippen has turned himself in to face charges of felony assault with intent to deliver bodily harm for allegedly kicking the fuck out of some dude. [Update: TMZ is now saying he wasn't arrested.] The incident happened last night outside… »6/24/13 4:21pm6/24/13 4:21pm

Michael Jordan And Scottie Pippen Allegedly Had A Dance-Off At Pippen's Birthday Party

Scottie Pippen's birthday was on Monday. (Happy belated birthday, Scottie Pippen!) He and his wife celebrated at a Chicago club, along with Antoine Walker, Ahmad Rashad, Nazr Mohammed and Michael Jordan. More importantly, it appears that the party ended with Pippen and Jordan engaging in a friendly dance competition. »9/27/12 2:10pm9/27/12 2:10pm

Scottie Pippen's Porsche Had A Fender-Bender In Chicago Today

Scottie Pippen, who is totally not bankrupt, had a minor car accident on Chicago's Magnificent Mile this afternoon. According to our tipster, his Porsche collided with an Audi at the corner of Michigan and Chestnut (right across the street from the Hancock Center). Pippen stepped out to make a phone call, but quickly… »8/21/12 6:00pm8/21/12 6:00pm