Pick Your Favorite Kid: The Scripps Spelling Bee Hunger Games

Tonight, at 8 p.m., 11 children selected by lottery from the 50 districts of the post-apocalyptic nation of The United States of America will battle to the death on live television, in a competition that combines the erotic violence of vampires making love in a pool of blood with the danger and unpredictability of… » 5/30/13 8:48pm 5/30/13 8:48pm

Samantha Steele Mixes Up Her Indian-American Spelling Bee Contestants

After a National Spelling Bee filled with children holding back tears in front of a national audience, the academic equivalent of pageant moms, and every appearance from the wonderfully weird home-schooled girl from Philly, it took ESPN's poor sideline reporter to give us the most cringeworthy moment of the night.… » 6/01/12 10:15am 6/01/12 10:15am

Noun. 1.) A Generalized Loss Of Feeling In The Testicles 2.) Roger…

With Erin Andrews frolicking around backstage, who could blame eventual grand champion of the spelling world Sameer Mishra to let loose a little Freudian slip? How else is he supposed to sublimate that sexual energy? Rub your finger on your hand any harder and it's playing with yourself. » 5/31/08 11:55am 5/31/08 11:55am