NFL Reinstates Gregg Williams, And He's Already Been Hired By The Titans

Sean Payton's suspension was lifted a couple of weeks ago, and Payton wasted little time reminding the Saints he was back in charge. And now that Gregg Williams has also been freed, we've come to learn his bounty exile didn't just include a backpacking adventure through the remote regions of Burma and Laos: At some… »2/07/13 2:15pm2/07/13 2:15pm

On Further Review, Roger Goodell Fucked Up This NFL Season From End To End

Cowboys-Redskins was the biggest matchup of the year, a win-or-go-home game for two division rivals. It turned out to be the most-watched regular-season sporting event in 15 years. But one familiar face was missing from the FedEx Field suites: commissioner Roger Goodell, who found something else to do Sunday night.… »1/02/13 4:30pm1/02/13 4:30pm

Paul Tagliabue Lifted Anthony Hargrove's Suspension Because Of Brett Favre's Penis

Earlier today, former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue vacated the punishments of the New Orleans Saints players implicated in the bounty scandal. One of those players is defensive end Anthony Hargrove, a current free agent who was suspended seven games for allegedly lying to investigators. Tagliabue's reason for… »12/11/12 7:30pm12/11/12 7:30pm

Paul Tagliabue Ruling: The NFL Doesn't Have A Bounty Problem; It Has A Roger Goodell Problem

When Roger Goodell appointed Paul Tagliabue to hear the Saints' bounty appeal, the players fought to get the ex-NFL commissioner to recuse himself. There was no way, they thought, that Tagliabue would kneecap his successor, invalidating the suspensions that Goodell had pronounced from his unassailable lair atop… »12/11/12 7:19pm12/11/12 7:19pm

Paul Tagliabue Agrees With Goodell's Bountygate Findings, Vacates All Player Fines And Suspensions, Confuses Everyone

Just a few minutes ago, former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, who was tabbed to hear the second round of appeals brought forward by the players involved in the Saints bounty scandal, passed down his ruling. And it is confusing. NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello is currently tweeting out Tagliabue's statement piece by… »12/11/12 1:43pm12/11/12 1:43pm

The NFL Was Completely Fine With "Smash-For-Cash" Bounty Programs 16 Years Ago [Updated With Video]

The four players implicated in the Saints bounty scandal are in a kind of limbo, as their suspension appeals make their way through through federal court, as well as the league's CBA-mandated appeals process. The latest movement comes in a Louisiana District Court, where yesterday the NFLPA filed papers suggesting… »10/19/12 12:15pm10/19/12 12:15pm

Yep, A Saints Fan Filed A Class-Action Lawsuit Against Roger Goodell And The NFL Over Bountygate

Surely it was just a matter of time. When it turned out that months of whiny baby complaining and conspiracy claims weren't going to change anything, a lawsuit became the only rational weapon left in Saints' fans arsenals. (Rational being a relative term, but everyone on every side of the bounty scandal seems to have… »10/16/12 3:30pm10/16/12 3:30pm

Jonathan Vilma Will Reportedly Play In At Least One Shitty Football Game This Season

Jonathan Vilma was suspended for the entirety of the season by Roger Goodell due to his alleged participation the the Saints bounty program. His suspension was then overturned on what amounted to a technicality. Then he was placed on the physically unable to perform list because of a knee injury. Not long after, his… »10/15/12 1:32pm10/15/12 1:32pm

Roger Goodell Reinstates Saints Bounty Program Suspensions, Writes Prickish Letters To Those Involved

Roger Goodell, having tripped all over his dick as regards the Saints' bounty program, is back to swinging the stupid thing in our faces again. Today, he reinstated the suspensions of all four players, although three of them were given more lenient punishment this time around. Scott Fujita's suspension was reduced… »10/09/12 6:57pm10/09/12 6:57pm

The NFL Will Allow Sean Payton To Attend The Saints' Next Game [UPDATE: He'll Be There]

Heading into this Sunday night's game against San Diego, Drew Brees is one TD pass away from breaking Johnny Unitas' 52-year-old NFL record for most consecutive games throwing for a score. That, Brees deemed, was a big-enough occasion to decide to personally email Roger Goodell and ask if he'd allow Sean Payton a… »10/04/12 6:00pm10/04/12 6:00pm

ESPN Wanted To Do A "Character Study" On Jonathan Vilma, Who Then Conducted His Own

A word to you sports television producers out there: Be careful who you contact for certain segments, as sensitive info has a way of making its way back to the source, and the results may not be pretty. In this case, it's Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, who was none too happy to hear that Eric Barton, one of his… »9/27/12 12:25am9/27/12 12:25am