We'll Pay For Video Of Dana Jacobson Chugging Vodka From The Bottle And "Cursing Like A Sailor"

Yesterday, upon hearing the news that Dana Jacobson intends to leave ESPN, we hoped to pay our respects by posting a video clip of our favorite moment from her time in Bristol. Alas, actual footage of Jacobson chugging vodka from the bottle and "cursing like a sailor," in the words of the Press of Atlantic City, has… »3/28/12 6:55pm3/28/12 6:55pm

Broadcast People: We'll Pay For Old Footage Of Things Like That Fenway Three-Way And Chris Berman Yelling At The Help

Over the years, Deadspin has hosted some ESPN footage that was never intended for air: There was Chris Berman berating the MNF production staff, and more recently a Fenway fingerblast from 1995. (You might also recall the Bill O'Reilly "Fuck it, we'll do it live" video.) These videos first popped up, unheralded, on… »8/31/11 4:10pm8/31/11 4:10pm