Sean Elliott Is Hogging All Of San Antonio's Water

San Antonio has been dealing with a harsh Texas drought for the past two years, and the available water resources are dwindling. As a site that has dealt with pressing water bill issues in the past, we at Deadspin feel obligated to tell you that Spurs color commentator—and former player—Sean Elliott is partially to… »12/27/12 4:30pm12/27/12 4:30pm

Awesome DeMarcus Cousins Suspended Two Games For Trash-Talking Terrible Sean Elliott

It started as two players—DeMarcus Cousins and Tim Duncan—battling it out in the trenches, but Sean Elliott, now a color commentator for the Spurs and obviously an objective analyst to the bitter end, jumped in to defend his beleaguered teammate. After scoring on Duncan twice and drawing a foul on a third posession,… »11/11/12 7:30pm11/11/12 7:30pm