CBS Instructed Pregame Broadcasters To Avoid Calling Anyone Out

CBS had already made some changes for its inaugural Thursday night football broadcast in the wake of the Ray Rice mess, axing a musical "high-energy" intro featuring Rihanna and cutting a "comedic segment." SportsBusiness Daily reports that things went even further, with CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus instructing… »9/12/14 3:39pm9/12/14 3:39pm


Ex-ESPNer David Berson Is The Clear Successor To Take Over CBS Sports

David Berson is the new president of CBS Sports, a jump up from his previous role overseeing the difficult-to-remember-it-exists CBS Sports Network. Sean McManus will remain chairman of CBS Sports, but I've been told that his job will become increasingly figurehead-ish and Berson is going to take over a lot of his… »6/04/13 2:30pm6/04/13 2:30pm

CBS Had A Reporter In The NFL Control Room When The Stadium Went Dark And Didn't Use Him

CBS had at least one honest-to-God reporter at the Superdome on Sunday: Armen Keteyian, who was on assignment for 60 Minutes Sports. When the lights went out, he was wrapping up an interview with an NFL exec, Frank Supovitz, senior VP for events. Paydirt! The cameras were still rolling, and Keteyian was getting an… »2/05/13 9:35am2/05/13 9:35am