Cowboys Fans Got Ripped Off More Than Any Other Fans This Pre-Season

There's no great secret that pre-season tickets are the biggest scam in the great cascade of scams that fuels the NFL machine. Season-ticket holders are compelled to pay full freight for two meaningless games played by guys they've never before or will ever again hear of. » 8/29/14 9:38am 8/29/14 9:38am

The Jets Are In Line For An Attendance Debacle Tonight

It's been reported that as of Friday, the Jets had 12,000 tickets remaining unsold for tonight's game against the Texans. It's understandable. MetLife Stadium is a remarkably joyless place to watch your team lose 59-6. But there have been no whispers of a blackout, so we can assume Woody Johnson has bought those empty… » 10/08/12 9:45am 10/08/12 9:45am

The Market For Yankees Tickets Is Worse Than We Thought

Yesterday we brought you news of a spat between the Yankees and StubHub, "the official ticket reseller of Major League Baseball." The Yankees aren't drawing, and they can't even move their own unsold tickets because they're being undercut by StubHub. (As I write this, it's five hours before first pitch of David Price… » 6/07/12 2:30pm 6/07/12 2:30pm

The Los Angeles Kings Are A Hotter Ticket Than The Clippers

All three of the professional teams that call LA's Staples Center home are in the playoffs, and all three are scheduled to play host to opponents this weekend—a total of six games in four days, in fact, beginning with last night: » 5/18/12 2:20pm 5/18/12 2:20pm

The Most Unwanted Tickets Of The NBA Season Were In New Orleans

Now that the NBA's regular season is over, it's time to wrap-up our analysis of NBA tickets that had the least demand. Once again, we turned to Will Flaherty, the director of communications for SeatGeek, the online ticket search engine that compiles data from hundreds of resellers. This time, Flaherty took a look at… » 4/27/12 5:15pm 4/27/12 5:15pm

The Spurs May Be Near The Top Of The NBA, But Their Tickets Are In The…

Time for another look at the least-wanted NBA tickets of the past month. The list of teams on the discount leaderboard is mostly what you'd expect: the Nets, Kings, Jazz, and Hornets, all lottery teams if the season were to end today. » 3/23/12 3:50pm 3/23/12 3:50pm

Linsanity Has Tripled The Price Of Knicks Tickets

The Knicks host the Hornets tonight, and it's the second of the five games on their current homestand. Want tickets? Good luck. Hell, even for Knicks road games scheduled more than a month from now, there's already little from which to choose. There are always tickets to be had on the online resale market, though. But… » 2/17/12 7:40pm 2/17/12 7:40pm

The Most Unwanted NBA Tickets So Far This Season: Bucks At Jazz, Jan. 3

Washington Wizards tickets for as low as $2.50! New Jersey Nets tickets for as little as a penny! We've had some fun in recent weeks with the depressed resale prices of individual game tickets in certain NBA markets. But where is demand for tickets the lowest? What teams have lost the most face value? » 2/08/12 5:20pm 2/08/12 5:20pm

The Yankees' Ticket Market Thinks Derek Jeter Is Ted Williams Or…

It's pretty easy to estimate the number of hits a player will get over a small number of at-bats. For instance, any player batting between .125 and .375 obtains, to the nearest whole number, one hit in four AB. Walks complicate things, but not much. That's why, with Derek Jeter sitting three hits away from the… » 7/07/11 6:46pm 7/07/11 6:46pm